No so fresh start, but I have to…

15 Feb 2009

It has been a while I don’t write anything. This blog is practically abandoned. Why? Partially, it’s just due to a thinking of run out ideas or ‘mati angin’ and, mostly, the laziness to think.

And now, what brings me to write is a plain reason of killing time. Yes, I am absolutely no writer or literature scholar. Apart from the reason of killing time, it wake me up from the notion of “I think I can write” when I decided to setup a blog.

Why should in English this time? Sorry, I am not trying to be smart or to show off. It’s just an exercise. Yeah, I am trying to enhance my reflex in responding oral communication. To achieve acceptable level of natural communication, I need lots and lots of practice and enrich my vocabulary. I found score 6.5 on IELTS alone is not enough.

I hope this could give me enough reason to keep trying to express my thought in writing. Should there be any mistakes, error or misfit, please help me to make it right.

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